Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 3: Five ways to win my heart


Welcome back to my blog guys! So for the third day challenge, I will discuss with you how can a guy win my heart. I think that today's challenge is really funny to write because honestly it makes me cringe to say what a guy should have that can attracts me. I'm also not sure how they can win my heart but I will try to think about it. So let's get started shall we?

5 Ways To Win Putri's Heart

Be Patient

Why you need to be patient? When someone want to get to close to me at first, I tends to create a 'wall' because I'm afraid that I will get hurt. So if you really like me, you need to have a lot of patient to break the 'wall' that I created. If I can see your patience, slowly I will accepted you. Take things slowly and don't be rush because I will try to run away from you.

Humble and Sensitive

I really like a guy who is always humble and does not like to boast . For me, if the guy likes to boast their often to be arrogant and ego . I do not like guy who like to act 'extra' smart or act like they are better than everyone else because for me if you have a humble attitude, it will be easy to make me attracted to someone . Other than that , I like men who are sensitive about what is happening around him . For example , if I feel hurt or sad , he can find out quickly and tried to persuade me and make me happy again.

Friendly and Humorous

If you want to win my heart , you need to be friendly and humorous . Why ? It is because I 'm kind of introverted girl Which mean that I 'm really shy around Hollywood . So we need to be friend first BEFORE we move on to the next level . I also attracted to a guy who is funny and know how to make people laugh and feel happy . I love to laugh and if you successfully managed to make me laugh with all your jokes , it means that you are able to captivate me .


Respect . This is very important for me . For me it is very important respect . Respect to his own family , and respect for his friends , respect me , respect for the environment and also respect for the animals. If you do not know how to respect the people around you, I believe that you are not a good person. If we show our respect and kindness , believe me that we will easily gain the trust of people .

Make me feel that I am important to you

I never been in love before or even been in a relationship before, so never experience when someone truly love or care about you.  That's why you need to make me feel that way so I believe that you really do care about me. Make me feel special and appreciated.

Okay I think that's all for ways to win my heart. So if you interested, just follow this ways okay?


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 2: My current relationship. Am I single? or Am I taken?


For the second day challenge, I will talk about my current relationship that only people that are close to me know if I'm single or if I had someone special in my heart right now. I will answer it now *drum roll*


Honestly I am single and never been in any relationship with any guy. Believe it or not, yes I am single for 22 years now. Haha.


For me being single for a long time is not a best thing actually. Yes it's true that I'm free and have no commitment with someone but deep down in my heart, I wish someone will loved me for who I am. When I saw my friends have someone that loved them so much, I do get jelly jelly of that. But I know Allah S.W.T had created someone special for me, it just need time to find him. Actually, being single is fun because I can do anything that I want and at the same time no one can force or control me. I can meet my friends whenever I want and enjoying the moments. Being single teach me to make my own decision on what I want to wear or how I want plan my life etc.


Of course I want to. Instead of finding a bf, I want to find a husband that I can spend my whole life with him with no regrets. In Islam, it's Haram if you have a relationship with a guy that is not your muhrim but if him/her is your husband/wife then it is Halal for you to be with them. I hope one day I will found him :)


Day 1: Recent Photo and 30 facts about Putri Shuhada


The reason why I'm doing this challenge is because I didn't really update my blog regularly and yeah as you guessed I'm actually didn't really know what to write about and I don't have time to switch on my laptop and write anything. I'm really glad that I will do this and keep my blog interesting and enjoyable to visit. Honestly I'm very excited to do this challenge. Can't wait till I complete all the challenge :)


This is the latest photo of me. I didn't really take selfie everyday guys so yeah :)
Now move on to the interesting part where I will explain more about myself.
30 Facts About Me
  1. My full name is Putri Nurshuhada.
  2. currently I'm 22 years old.
  3. I was born in 22nd January 1992
  4. I'm 166cm/ 5'4.5
  5. I'm chubby and plus size
  6. I already graduated college and gain Diploma in Aviation & Tourism Management
  7. My favourite colour will be bright and pastel colours. I used to like dark colours but it had changed as I grew up.
  8. I wear size 10/42 for shoes
  9. My ethnicity is Malay but I do have a mix with Chinese and Banjar.
  10. I can speak fluent Malay and English. I can speak a little Chinese, japan and Korean but I can't read them.
  11. I love collecting makeup but I rarely wear any eye shadow everyday. I like to keep it simple and natural
  12. Since I was little, I really enjoy dancing. Even now dancing is my passion.
  13. I'm the eldest child in the family. I have 3 sisters and a brother
  14. My mom had 3 miscarriages before I was born
  15. I'm a tea lover but sometimes I do drink Hazelnut coffee. My current obsession is milk tea. It taste yummy!
  16. Whenever I drink coffee I tends to get sleepy. I don't know why. Is that weird?
  17. I love kids especially baby's and toddlers. Aren't they adorable? I just want to bite their cheeks! Haha
  18. When I like someone or if I had a crush on someone, I will never tell them how I feel. I keep it s a secret but it will end up me having a broken heart :(
  19. I'm very chill and I don't like rushing.
  20. When I sleep, I'll make sure there are no disturbance. No light and no noise.
  21. I get very angry when someone disturb me when I sleep. I really hate that!
  22. I'm very sensitive and maybe that's the reason why I like to create a  'wall' when people trying to get closer to me. I'm sorry guys.
  23. I was bullied when I'm still a kid and still in a high school. They didn't abused me or anything like that but they did say something that is inappropriate just because I'm fat and not pretty like other kids. I still remember this two girls that used to say that I was their friend but end up bullying me mentally, saying rude things to me and also mocking and embarrass me in front of other peoples.
  24. I like to laugh, even though other people didn't think it was funny but I did :)
  25. I own a cat named Leo and a kitten named Simba :)
  26. I love spicy food. I mean I enjoy it very well
  27. I had so many nicknames given by those who are close to me. They called me Putri, Put, Pupu, Putet, Tet, Along, Hada, Shuhada, Shida, Tutuwi, Putewi and many more.
  28. I never been in a relationship with any guys.
  29. I like classic cars so bad. haha
  30. I enjoy listening to any music genres. As long it was good, I will appreciate it.
So this is my 30 facts about me. I really hope you enjoy reading this and I will see you guys soon in my next post.


30 day challenge!


The other day I saw someone did this challenge in her blog and I thought it was enjoyable to read and how she like to share about herself to everyone. So I've been thinking to do this because you know I keep neglecting my blog and if I do this challenge, I get to write more and keep this blog fun and interesting :)

So this are the challenge that I need to do. I did change the challenge here and there so I can still answer it and keep it interesting. I really hope that I can keep up on doing this challenge *finger crossed* Haha. So until next time, see you guys on my next post!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happy Eid Mubarak :)


Hello everyone. I hope it's not too late yet. I want to say Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims out there. Finally it's already in the month of Shawwal after a month we were fasting. I hope you enjoy this special month with your loved ones:)


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Ramadan :)


First of all I would like to wish every muslims out there Happy Ramadan. Finally its Ramadan a holy for us. How is your Ramadan guys? Is it going well for you? I hope its going well for you. Mine so far are great! I like Ramadan because I could spend so much time with my family and also I got to do more ibadah and get close to Allah SWT.

I still remember last year Ramadan where it was the toughest month for my whole family. My younger was sick on the 6th day of fasting and after that she was admitted to the hospital for a week. It was tough because we couldn't break our fast properly like we used to do. I feel pity for everyone especially my younger sister. She always blamed herself. She thinks that because of her disease, we couldn't celebrate our Ramadan together. It was tough because we need to be strong for our younger sister and my mom, she is very strong. In the morning she went to work and then at night she take care of my sister.

But that's a past now. My sister is getting better now and I'm so happy that we can be together for this Ramadan.

Oh by the way, I did make a makeup tutorial fo upcoming eid. So if you haven't watch it, feel free to visit my youtube channel :)


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's been awhile.


Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I update my blog. First of all, I would like to apologize because I couldn't write or post anything lately. I'm super busy with my workaholic life and I couldn't find time to sit and think of what should I talk in my blog.

I'm not a writer. Whenever I want to post something on my blog, my mind keeps getting blur and blank and I end up giving up on posting anything. HAHA

Okay, honestly I felt like I want to let out how I felt lately here in my so called little diary. Haha. I quit my job. Yes I already submit my resignation letter to my boss. I know that it's a loss if I quit but I don't think I can't stand on working in this kind of environment. I don't want to spill too much about this. It's not good. I'm just too tired mentally and physically. I need to stop before my brain burst. HAHA

So, after this, I'm not working and I might focus on my Youtube channel and also my small business that I just started. Yeay! Finally I have time to make more makeup tutorial or any videos for you guys.

I think I should end my post now. Until next time,



Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Click here to see my latest video!!!!!


If you missed out my latest video, feel free to check them out below :)

Get Ready With Me (WORK)

Simple And Elegant Hijab Tutorial

Monthly Favorites (March)

Event Makeup (Using Turquoise Eyeshadow)

Hijabi Plus Size OOTD #4 Friend's Wedding

Swatches & Reviews (M.N Lip Cream)

Thursday, 27 February 2014



Hey guys!
I can not wait to do this tag after I saw many YouTuber out there who done it. So I thought, why not if I do this thing as well? It looks interesting and fun. I decided to answer all these question here rather than making a video about it. Because I believe it will take forever to be done. Haha so let's jump to the questions shall we? :)


1: What are you wearing?

Right now, I’m still at work. So I wear some button up shirt, black skirt, purple cardigan, hijab and loafers J

2: Ever been in love?

Yes I do

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

I’d never been in any relationship

4: How tall are you?

166 cm / 5’4

5: How much do you weight?

Shhhh! It’s a secret :P

6: Any tattoos?


7: Any piercings?


8: OTP?

What is otp???

9: Favorite show?

The Ellen Show, Once Upon a Time, CSI Miami, Grimm

10: Favorite bands?

Ft. Island

11: Something you miss? 

My late grandpa, my friends

12: Favorite song?

All time fave will be First Love by Utada Hikaru

13: How old are you?

22 years old

14: Zodiac sign?


15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Handsome smile, understanding, caring and gentleman

16: Favorite Quote?

“Don’t waste your life”

17: Favorite actor?

Zac Efron & Shukri Yahya

18: Favorite color?

Pastel, bright, dark. Haha I think I like every colors in this world

19: Loud music or soft?

Not too loud and soft

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

My room where I can just let out and cry as much as I want 

21: How long does it take you to shower?

It takes around 10 to 30 minutes

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

30 minutes

23: Ever been in a physical fight?


24: Turn on?

People who are very supportive and have such a great humour

25: Turn off?

People who judge and say something that will make you feel bad about yourself

26: The reason I joined YouTube?

At first I joined YouTube because I want to watch some great videos from great youtuber but then it became much more interesting after I uploaded my first video on YouTube 

27: Fears?

I hate being alone and afraid if I will never see the sun again. I guess no one want to be in that situation

28: Last thing that made you cry?

Frustration over something that I couldn’t remember

29: Last time you said you loved someone?

Umm I said that I love my cat. Is that count? HAHA

30: Meaning behind your YouTube Name?

It doesn’t have any meaning at all. It represent my original name.

31: Last book you read?

Epidemik T. A book about zombies and how to survive from that aweful situations

32: The book you’re currently reading?

I’m not into reading

33: Last show you watched?


34: Last person you talked to?

My bos. HAHA

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

One of my best friends

36: Favorite food?

Anything with rice, chicken and soup

37: Place you want to visit?

Maldives, South Korea, Japan and the love city Paris

38: Last place you were?

I can’t remember
39: Do you have a crush?

At the moment I don’t have a crush with anyone

40: Last time you kissed someone?

Never kiss anyone

41: Last time you were insulted?

When I was in high school, I get called by names that is inappropriate

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?


43: What instruments do you play??

I used to play guitar about 5 years ago but now I totally forgot how to play guitar

44: Favorite piece of jewelery?

Definitely bracelets and rings

45: Last sport you played?


46: Last song you sang?

2ne1 – Missing You

47: Favorite chat up line?

Yuhuuu uolls. HAHA

48: Have you ever used it?

Use what?

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

Last week.

50: Who should answer these questions next?

You guys :)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Haul Videos


If you haven't watch my haul videos, feel free to check them below :)

Birthday Haul

First Haul

Second Hand Shop Haul

Sweet Makeup for Date


It's been a few weeks since I post anything in this blog. I'm not going to say much in this entry by the way. I got nothing to say *BRAIN FART*. HAHA Oh before that, if you haven't seen my latest makeup tutorial, please check them out. I created a makeup look that I think is suitable if you have a date with your significant others. So I really hope you enjoy watching it.

Till next time


Tuesday, 28 January 2014


In this entry, I want to talk about this one product. But before that, if you do not know, I'm actually quite picky in matters pertaining to this eyeliner. Since I have combination skin to oily skin, my eyelids also face with the same problem. And the problem will always cause my eyeliner does not last long and easily smudged. There various types of eyeliner that I've tried before, but none have been really effective as what they claim on the product. Not only that, the eyeliner that were sold in Watson or Guardian are quite pricey even though it can still considered as drug store product.

So, three years ago when I bought stuff for college at Mydin, I walked into the skincare and makeup area and I came across to this eyeliner and I was surprised by the price. It comes in a packed of three and it only cost RM7.90. Yes it is very cheap and worth it. But when I first bought it, I was a little afraid to try this product because it is super cheap products and may harm my eyes. After one year, I forced myself to try this eyeliner as well, who knows if this eyeliner did not like what I thought before.

Yes, I did try this eyeliner, and I really amazed on how long it stay and it does not smudge at all. Even though on the packaging, it does not claim to be waterproof & etc. I'd tried their eyeliner and I do not know if other makeup products work as good as this eyeliner.

This is how it looks

It came with a very thin brush like so and it really draws precise thin lines. Oh by the way, you need to practice to get the precise lines that you want because it can be a bit tricky to control the brushes

Practice makes perfect and also patience is the key for this.

So far this is my favorite eyeliner. I never regret buying this product and will continue repurchasing it.

Until next time


Sunday, 19 January 2014

OOTD Garden Wedding


Hello lovelies.

I'm really sorry that I could not update this blog as often as possible. Recently, I have changed my job and is quite chaotic and I have yet to get familiar with this situation. Okay back to our original topic, on the last Saturday my dad side of the family held a wedding event for my uncle and his wife. Their wedding was held in a park at Titiwangsa Lake. Honestly, I really liked the theme of the wedding which is the garden wedding because for me it is very interesting and lovely, filled with beautiful flowers and stunning views. Okay so let's the picture explain everything :)

Click here to watch the video


Friday, 3 January 2014

Hello 2014 + OOTD New Year


Hello everyone .

Before I start my post this time , I would like to say happy new year to all and I hope 2014 will be a good year for us. As we know , 2013 has passed a few days ago. Indeed, I think the year 2013 is the year that taught me a lot about many things. I remember in November 2012 to March 2013 is the most challenging time for me, where I had to be away from my family, I'm alone in a place that is foreign to me. I had to start it all over again , I had to get acquainted with new people because I scared to be alone . I remember that I cried almost every night thinking about my life at the time. But that did not dampen my enthusiasm for the work , I began to make friends with everyone and starting to recognize the true meaning of life until it transformed me from not wearing the hijab , and now thank god I was wearing hijab . Then , I got to experience my first salary even though I'm just a temporary worker and now I'm still working as a temporary employee . I'm still looking for a job that suits my field. And December last year, I managed to finish my education and receive a diploma . For me it is an honor and a win for me because after almost 3 years I struggled with a life as a college student , I managed and make my parents proud.

What do you do on New Year's Eve? I just stay at home and watch movies only. I do not celebrate all this, but I can still feel the excitement of this new year's eve with a beautiful fireworks in the night. On 1 January 2014, I decided to go out with my girls to IKEA and The Curve. It's been a while since the last time I went out with them. We just spent time having a meal and do a little shopping. HAHA

Because it's a public holiday, it's too crowded everywhere. Besides that, I got to dress up and manage to do a quick OOTD for you. So if you have not watch it yet, feel free to check them out :)

I wish all of you have a great year ahead and until next time,