Tuesday, 28 January 2014


In this entry, I want to talk about this one product. But before that, if you do not know, I'm actually quite picky in matters pertaining to this eyeliner. Since I have combination skin to oily skin, my eyelids also face with the same problem. And the problem will always cause my eyeliner does not last long and easily smudged. There various types of eyeliner that I've tried before, but none have been really effective as what they claim on the product. Not only that, the eyeliner that were sold in Watson or Guardian are quite pricey even though it can still considered as drug store product.

So, three years ago when I bought stuff for college at Mydin, I walked into the skincare and makeup area and I came across to this eyeliner and I was surprised by the price. It comes in a packed of three and it only cost RM7.90. Yes it is very cheap and worth it. But when I first bought it, I was a little afraid to try this product because it is super cheap products and may harm my eyes. After one year, I forced myself to try this eyeliner as well, who knows if this eyeliner did not like what I thought before.

Yes, I did try this eyeliner, and I really amazed on how long it stay and it does not smudge at all. Even though on the packaging, it does not claim to be waterproof & etc. I'd tried their eyeliner and I do not know if other makeup products work as good as this eyeliner.

This is how it looks

It came with a very thin brush like so and it really draws precise thin lines. Oh by the way, you need to practice to get the precise lines that you want because it can be a bit tricky to control the brushes

Practice makes perfect and also patience is the key for this.

So far this is my favorite eyeliner. I never regret buying this product and will continue repurchasing it.

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