Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Ramadan :)


First of all I would like to wish every muslims out there Happy Ramadan. Finally its Ramadan a holy for us. How is your Ramadan guys? Is it going well for you? I hope its going well for you. Mine so far are great! I like Ramadan because I could spend so much time with my family and also I got to do more ibadah and get close to Allah SWT.

I still remember last year Ramadan where it was the toughest month for my whole family. My younger was sick on the 6th day of fasting and after that she was admitted to the hospital for a week. It was tough because we couldn't break our fast properly like we used to do. I feel pity for everyone especially my younger sister. She always blamed herself. She thinks that because of her disease, we couldn't celebrate our Ramadan together. It was tough because we need to be strong for our younger sister and my mom, she is very strong. In the morning she went to work and then at night she take care of my sister.

But that's a past now. My sister is getting better now and I'm so happy that we can be together for this Ramadan.

Oh by the way, I did make a makeup tutorial fo upcoming eid. So if you haven't watch it, feel free to visit my youtube channel :)