Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 3: Five ways to win my heart


Welcome back to my blog guys! So for the third day challenge, I will discuss with you how can a guy win my heart. I think that today's challenge is really funny to write because honestly it makes me cringe to say what a guy should have that can attracts me. I'm also not sure how they can win my heart but I will try to think about it. So let's get started shall we?

5 Ways To Win Putri's Heart

Be Patient

Why you need to be patient? When someone want to get to close to me at first, I tends to create a 'wall' because I'm afraid that I will get hurt. So if you really like me, you need to have a lot of patient to break the 'wall' that I created. If I can see your patience, slowly I will accepted you. Take things slowly and don't be rush because I will try to run away from you.

Humble and Sensitive

I really like a guy who is always humble and does not like to boast . For me, if the guy likes to boast their often to be arrogant and ego . I do not like guy who like to act 'extra' smart or act like they are better than everyone else because for me if you have a humble attitude, it will be easy to make me attracted to someone . Other than that , I like men who are sensitive about what is happening around him . For example , if I feel hurt or sad , he can find out quickly and tried to persuade me and make me happy again.

Friendly and Humorous

If you want to win my heart , you need to be friendly and humorous . Why ? It is because I 'm kind of introverted girl Which mean that I 'm really shy around Hollywood . So we need to be friend first BEFORE we move on to the next level . I also attracted to a guy who is funny and know how to make people laugh and feel happy . I love to laugh and if you successfully managed to make me laugh with all your jokes , it means that you are able to captivate me .


Respect . This is very important for me . For me it is very important respect . Respect to his own family , and respect for his friends , respect me , respect for the environment and also respect for the animals. If you do not know how to respect the people around you, I believe that you are not a good person. If we show our respect and kindness , believe me that we will easily gain the trust of people .

Make me feel that I am important to you

I never been in love before or even been in a relationship before, so never experience when someone truly love or care about you.  That's why you need to make me feel that way so I believe that you really do care about me. Make me feel special and appreciated.

Okay I think that's all for ways to win my heart. So if you interested, just follow this ways okay?


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 2: My current relationship. Am I single? or Am I taken?


For the second day challenge, I will talk about my current relationship that only people that are close to me know if I'm single or if I had someone special in my heart right now. I will answer it now *drum roll*


Honestly I am single and never been in any relationship with any guy. Believe it or not, yes I am single for 22 years now. Haha.


For me being single for a long time is not a best thing actually. Yes it's true that I'm free and have no commitment with someone but deep down in my heart, I wish someone will loved me for who I am. When I saw my friends have someone that loved them so much, I do get jelly jelly of that. But I know Allah S.W.T had created someone special for me, it just need time to find him. Actually, being single is fun because I can do anything that I want and at the same time no one can force or control me. I can meet my friends whenever I want and enjoying the moments. Being single teach me to make my own decision on what I want to wear or how I want plan my life etc.


Of course I want to. Instead of finding a bf, I want to find a husband that I can spend my whole life with him with no regrets. In Islam, it's Haram if you have a relationship with a guy that is not your muhrim but if him/her is your husband/wife then it is Halal for you to be with them. I hope one day I will found him :)


Day 1: Recent Photo and 30 facts about Putri Shuhada


The reason why I'm doing this challenge is because I didn't really update my blog regularly and yeah as you guessed I'm actually didn't really know what to write about and I don't have time to switch on my laptop and write anything. I'm really glad that I will do this and keep my blog interesting and enjoyable to visit. Honestly I'm very excited to do this challenge. Can't wait till I complete all the challenge :)


This is the latest photo of me. I didn't really take selfie everyday guys so yeah :)
Now move on to the interesting part where I will explain more about myself.
30 Facts About Me
  1. My full name is Putri Nurshuhada.
  2. currently I'm 22 years old.
  3. I was born in 22nd January 1992
  4. I'm 166cm/ 5'4.5
  5. I'm chubby and plus size
  6. I already graduated college and gain Diploma in Aviation & Tourism Management
  7. My favourite colour will be bright and pastel colours. I used to like dark colours but it had changed as I grew up.
  8. I wear size 10/42 for shoes
  9. My ethnicity is Malay but I do have a mix with Chinese and Banjar.
  10. I can speak fluent Malay and English. I can speak a little Chinese, japan and Korean but I can't read them.
  11. I love collecting makeup but I rarely wear any eye shadow everyday. I like to keep it simple and natural
  12. Since I was little, I really enjoy dancing. Even now dancing is my passion.
  13. I'm the eldest child in the family. I have 3 sisters and a brother
  14. My mom had 3 miscarriages before I was born
  15. I'm a tea lover but sometimes I do drink Hazelnut coffee. My current obsession is milk tea. It taste yummy!
  16. Whenever I drink coffee I tends to get sleepy. I don't know why. Is that weird?
  17. I love kids especially baby's and toddlers. Aren't they adorable? I just want to bite their cheeks! Haha
  18. When I like someone or if I had a crush on someone, I will never tell them how I feel. I keep it s a secret but it will end up me having a broken heart :(
  19. I'm very chill and I don't like rushing.
  20. When I sleep, I'll make sure there are no disturbance. No light and no noise.
  21. I get very angry when someone disturb me when I sleep. I really hate that!
  22. I'm very sensitive and maybe that's the reason why I like to create a  'wall' when people trying to get closer to me. I'm sorry guys.
  23. I was bullied when I'm still a kid and still in a high school. They didn't abused me or anything like that but they did say something that is inappropriate just because I'm fat and not pretty like other kids. I still remember this two girls that used to say that I was their friend but end up bullying me mentally, saying rude things to me and also mocking and embarrass me in front of other peoples.
  24. I like to laugh, even though other people didn't think it was funny but I did :)
  25. I own a cat named Leo and a kitten named Simba :)
  26. I love spicy food. I mean I enjoy it very well
  27. I had so many nicknames given by those who are close to me. They called me Putri, Put, Pupu, Putet, Tet, Along, Hada, Shuhada, Shida, Tutuwi, Putewi and many more.
  28. I never been in a relationship with any guys.
  29. I like classic cars so bad. haha
  30. I enjoy listening to any music genres. As long it was good, I will appreciate it.
So this is my 30 facts about me. I really hope you enjoy reading this and I will see you guys soon in my next post.


30 day challenge!


The other day I saw someone did this challenge in her blog and I thought it was enjoyable to read and how she like to share about herself to everyone. So I've been thinking to do this because you know I keep neglecting my blog and if I do this challenge, I get to write more and keep this blog fun and interesting :)

So this are the challenge that I need to do. I did change the challenge here and there so I can still answer it and keep it interesting. I really hope that I can keep up on doing this challenge *finger crossed* Haha. So until next time, see you guys on my next post!