Sunday, 4 January 2015

Day 4: Something that I feel strongly about


Finally I get a chance to sit in front of my laptop and continue to do this 30 day challenge. I'm really sorry because I couldn't find time to write this but I will try to keep it up. So in today entry I will tell you what makes me feel stronger everyday.

So what makes me feel strongly about?

First is my family. Without them, without their support, I don't think that I can survived and keep going what I love to do. They mean so much to me and what I had become. I guess it is true that family will always be there for you no matter what. I had a great parents and great siblings where I can show who I am and knowing that they will accept it well. 

Second will be my closest friends. Honestly I only had a few peoples that I can consider as my second family. We care about each other, we understand each other and the best part we act like a sisters. Sometimes there are some misunderstanding happened but that's make us closer.

So tell me what makes you feel strongly about? I would like to know.