Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 3: Five ways to win my heart


Welcome back to my blog guys! So for the third day challenge, I will discuss with you how can a guy win my heart. I think that today's challenge is really funny to write because honestly it makes me cringe to say what a guy should have that can attracts me. I'm also not sure how they can win my heart but I will try to think about it. So let's get started shall we?

5 Ways To Win Putri's Heart

Be Patient

Why you need to be patient? When someone want to get to close to me at first, I tends to create a 'wall' because I'm afraid that I will get hurt. So if you really like me, you need to have a lot of patient to break the 'wall' that I created. If I can see your patience, slowly I will accepted you. Take things slowly and don't be rush because I will try to run away from you.

Humble and Sensitive

I really like a guy who is always humble and does not like to boast . For me, if the guy likes to boast their often to be arrogant and ego . I do not like guy who like to act 'extra' smart or act like they are better than everyone else because for me if you have a humble attitude, it will be easy to make me attracted to someone . Other than that , I like men who are sensitive about what is happening around him . For example , if I feel hurt or sad , he can find out quickly and tried to persuade me and make me happy again.

Friendly and Humorous

If you want to win my heart , you need to be friendly and humorous . Why ? It is because I 'm kind of introverted girl Which mean that I 'm really shy around Hollywood . So we need to be friend first BEFORE we move on to the next level . I also attracted to a guy who is funny and know how to make people laugh and feel happy . I love to laugh and if you successfully managed to make me laugh with all your jokes , it means that you are able to captivate me .


Respect . This is very important for me . For me it is very important respect . Respect to his own family , and respect for his friends , respect me , respect for the environment and also respect for the animals. If you do not know how to respect the people around you, I believe that you are not a good person. If we show our respect and kindness , believe me that we will easily gain the trust of people .

Make me feel that I am important to you

I never been in love before or even been in a relationship before, so never experience when someone truly love or care about you.  That's why you need to make me feel that way so I believe that you really do care about me. Make me feel special and appreciated.

Okay I think that's all for ways to win my heart. So if you interested, just follow this ways okay?


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