Sunday, 17 November 2013

Family trip to Cameron Highlands


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As I mentioned in my previous post click here , I said that I will be in a trip with my family and I couldn't upload any video because of that reason.

Okay, so we did go to Cameron Highlands for 3 days. The last time I went there about 4 years ago when I'm still in high school. So we went there on Friday morning and we stayed at The Cool Point Hotel, Tanah Rata. The hotel was okay but the facilities are a bit lacking I guess but I don't really care about that. On the first day, we don't really go anywhere because my dad had some work to be done. Did I mention that we went there because my dad need to do his work on teaching people about 4X4 vehicles? haha. So I don't want to talk anymore. Let the picture explain everything :)

The only man in our family, Hamka and my dad

 Breathtaking view

 Yes it's me who drove the car. We need to drive 2 cars due to 7 people

 My sister Ely and me :)

We do look alike right?


 Cameron Valley, Bharat

 Strawberry Muffin at Strawberry Farm, Taman Sedia
 I never knew that tea plant have flower plus it's smell nice :)

 Because it rains, we need to stay in our hotel room. My sister decided to take a nap
And I decided to watch 3 Idiots :)


 At Kea Farm

 Never tried this before but it's awesome :)

 At Lavender Valley where magical happens! (nah just kidding :P)

 My lovely sisters :)

 This little house reminds me of fairies :)
 My lovely mom and sisters :)

 When I take this picture, I wonder what she's doing there so quietly
 Then, I saw that she's busy doing this. HAHA
 Attempt to selfie

 What I always carry with me when I'm traveling :)

That's all for today post. Stay tuned for next entry :)


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