Tuesday, 29 October 2013

No New Video next week

Assalamualaikum sweetheart :)

As I mention in the title above, there is no video will be uploaded next week. I will be leaving for a trip with my family to Cameron Highlands. I'm going to be really busy next week with stuff and packing my things for the trip. But I'll promise I will make a video when I'm on the trip. Perhaps OOTD or vlog or what is in my makeup travel bag? Haha I can't decide yet right now.

I'm pretty excited about this trip because I haven't been there for ages now and I need to buy new sweaters and jackets because it's going to be really cold there at night. Why I need new outerwear? Because I live in Malaysia and it's really hot and we don't really need that kind of clothes. Lol

Haha I don't want to spill to much details about my trip. Just wait for my next week okay :)


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