Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Tips on Combination to Oily skin

Assalamualaikum sweetheart :)

Today I want to share few tips on combination and oily skin. not all people who have this problem and some of them have dry skin and not greasy.

I am also facing the same problem where my face would get oily after 4 hours. To make it sound more worse, especially when I wear thick makeup for a specific event, after a few hours my face will surely get cakey and sticky. That was disgusting! In addition, the makeup will slip and slide all over the place and these things will be a nightmare!

So I'm going to share with you guys my tips to control the oily faces.

First step, make sure that you wash your face twice a day. Not more than two times. In the morning, I always wash my face with cold water only. No soap or facial wash is needed. The reason why I do not use a facial cleanser in the morning is because I don't want the glow on my face to disappear. Hihi. And before you're going to sleep, make sure to wash your face with a facial cleanser that is suitable for oily skin.

Second step, toner and moisturizer. Although the face have extra moisture, using a toner and moisturizer is very important to the face. Why? Toner will act as extra cleaner where it will remove all the impurities that are on the face which our daily facial cleanser not able to do. It will also shrink the pores on the face and reduce the amount of oil production in the face. It was right if we put moisturizer on oily face, our face will look more oily than normal. That's why I recommend you to buy an oil-free moisturizer. There are many facial care products that sell this oil-free products on the market. It's up to you if you want to buy an expensive or a cheap products.

(My current moisturizer that is really effective. Plus, it is really cheap. It cost me under than RM 10)

Third step, MAKEUP. When it come to makeup, find a foundation that is oil free. Some people say if we have oily faces, we can't apply liquid foundation because it will make our faces become more oily. Actually I'm not agree with that statement because I think we still can wear liquid foundation if we find the right one for the faces. For example this one,

I really like this foundation because it's oil-free and also it will stay longer on the face because it was formulated for oily faces plus it is waterproof which is good. If you have an oily eyelids, I suggest that you apply a base or primer to the eyelids and set it with powder. After that, you can apply your favorite waterproof eyeliner and mascara and it will last throughout the day :) Other than liquid foundation, I highly recommend you to use a Powder Foundation because obviously it is oil free and it stays a lot better on the face. Here is one of my favorite Powder Foundation Silky White BB 2 Way Powder + Foundation .

Other essentials for Oily skin:

BLOATING PAPER - You can use this to absorb any extra oil on the face

MASK - Occasionally you can pamper your face with a mask that suitable for your skin. If you want to                        know which mask that is suitable for oily faces, I will talk about this in my next post :)

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