Monday, 30 December 2013

Tips on how to organize hijab pins


In today's entry, I would like to share my tips on how to organize hijab pins. Well, when I started wearing hijab, I don't really have that many hijab pins. Because I started wearing hijab before Ramadhan month, so I thought I should buy more hijab pins for Eid Mubarak. But one thing that I hate is I keep losing all the pins and end up buying it more and more. So then, I decided to buy a bunch of straight hijab pins and it's too many, I don't really know how to organize it. I really want to save up some space for other stuff too. I'd been searching for tips and idea how to store all this pins, so I'll ended up with this idea that I get from awesome and beautiful Youtube Guru, AMENAKIN.

Okay let's get started with this:

What you're going to need is

A case with a dividers

Any type of case with a divider is a must in this. You can choose any color or shape that you desire. Why I choose this case is because it's big and also it got a lot of compartment that you can store all your hijab pins. Mine are slightly different than this but it's still work.

Straight Hijab Pins

Brooch / Flower Pins / Decorative Pin

Safety Pins

So that's basically what you need and if you haven't watch my video about this, feel free to check them out :)

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