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Hey guys welcome back to my blog :)

On 5 December 2013, me and my college mates managed to complete our study and we were given our diploma. This is one experience that I could not forget because I spend 3 years and face many hardship with college activities. I experienced so many hardships during that time, facing a difficult assignments and exam that is intellectually challenging. If you learned about Aviation and Tourism subject, you will know how hard it was. As a student, my daily routine always off track, sometimes my sleeping routine disrupted due to delay assignments (in fact I do it last minute. LOL), and also social activities with friends did teach me a lot throughout my journey as a student. Before I started wearing hijab, I always spend my night whether practicing my dance for upcoming performances, or go out with my housemates until over midnight. It was fun but tiring because I'll end up getting very sleepy if I had an early class the next morning. Even though my life is full with this activities, but still I will try to catch up what I studied so that whenever there are exams, I can still answer it well and my results never disappointed me.Okay so enough with this, so lets jump to my convocation day.

The day before the convocation, we do get a chance to do our rehearsal on how to walk, bow and take the certificate. It was okay tho yet funny because I can see that everyone are a bit awkward. HAHA. But what makes me happy is, I get to meet up some of my best friends and we get to hangout after the rehearsal ends. That night we went to Middle East Restaurant to fill in our empty stomach. Hehe

First batch of Diploma in Aviation & Tourism Management (DATM) that will be graduating.

Photobomb time! HAHA


Haiza and me. I heart this girl so much :)

The next morning, we had our last rehearsal before the actual ceremony start. Honestly I hate all the rehearsal thing because it takes a long time to end and we only get a little time to get ready and believe it or not, I didn't even get a chance to eat at all. Okay enough with that. So the actual event start from 1 pm where the parents and family members come to register their attendance. While they are waiting for the graduants and the VIP guests to enter the hall, they were entertained with a performances from the Aerodancers (our dance group).

Me & Syafik ( He is like a little brother to me)

Selfie :)

Me and Fea (We called her Fea Chan because she looks like chinese)

Can you see that all of us are really nervous? HAHA

Approximately at 2.30 pm, all the graduants entered the hall and the event started. Our convocation ceremony ends around 4.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Okay now lets the picture entertained you :)

I forgot to mention that there are 60 students that is finally graduated and gain their diploma :)

Me and my friends. I heart them so much :)

My little sister, Eqis :)

With mom and Ely :)

She does looks a bit like me but we aren't the same. HAHA

I wish my other sister were here to celebrate my special day but still I love my family so much :)

Me and Afro (he wants us to call him that. LOL)

Gifts from little bro, Hamka and my family. Thank you guys! :D

One of my best friend that I will never forget. Love you Zila! :)

I heart them so much. Definitely, I will miss this awesome girls so much! :D

Finally I'm graduated! Haha. If you guys wonder what I'm wearing on my convocation day, this is what I wore on that day. Hehe

Until next time.


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